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Process Automation

Autonomous agents grounded on APQC standards eliminate up to 90% of overhead and deliver best-in-class quality outcomes

Prompt Privacy

All the tools needed to create an Augmented Super Team

Grounded Chat

Real-time, private chat with the best AI models across all of you and your team's data.

Multiple Models

Find the perfect model for your needs within our collection of over 150 different LLMs.

Enterprise Q&A

Ask natural language questions and receive precise answers based on your enterprise's data.

Prompt Building

Built custom agents leveraging multiple models, custom files, and variable based prompts - all with no-code.

Overlay Data Network

Keep your data in place. The CSE creates a unified, deduped, data layer for inference, analysis, and backup.

On your prem, or ours

Designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing on-premise network infrastructure, offering complete control over your data.

Meet Publius

Foundational LLM for Enterprise Data

Publius is a foundational, multi-modal Large Language Model built specifically for processing, understanding, and structuring extensive enterprise datasets, making it pivotal for managing both structured and unstructured data.

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